Fabula Storytelling

We are a swedish storytelling company right in the heart of the energetic development of story- telling in Scandinavia. Our per- formers tour all over the world with a vast repertoire of stories. Our educators train young and old, amateurs and professionals in this art, and our producers run internatio- nal projects in the eld of storytelling.

Fabula Storytelling have a history of organizing storytellers, starting the Swedish society for Storytellers, BNS, and taking part in creating Federation for European Storytel- ling, FEST. Fabula has through the years cooperated in projects with international groups of storytellers throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The fabula stage

put up a new show with professional storytellers every month.


A new stage 2015 with documentary stories, inspired by american The Moth.

Al hakawati

Multilingual performances, based on folktales collected in Syrian refugee camps. In cooperation with Cultural He- ritage Without Borders (CHWB)

The oral library

Our performers tell literary classics in school to stimulate childrens reading.

Young storytellers stage

A project with training of young storytel- lers all around Sweden.

Queer stories

Training of young LGBT-persons in creating and performing non-normative stories.

Tell it to the future

Survivors from Holocaust meet young storytellers for transmission of stories to coming generations.

Fabula festival

Since 2004 leading performers from all over the world has visited our festival.