The Irish Iliad

Ulster — Connaught
In these places live two best friends: Ireland’s most fearless and most feared young warriors. But Ulster and Connaught don’t like each other at all: huge forces are working to bring the two friends’ worlds crashing against each other…

The Hero Light retells the extraordinary tales of the Ulster Cycle — the ‘Irish Iliad’. Centered on legendary hero Cú Chulainn, the Hound, it weaves together stories of loyalty, love and betrayal that are still startlingly relevant today.

Dominic Kelly balances irreverent humour & beautiful imagery with a powerful rendition of a deeply affecting tale. In The Hero Light he brings an ancient epic to fizzing contemporary life.

Dominic’s dynamic, compelling storytelling style has captivated theatre and festival audiences in fifteen countries on three continents. UK venues include the Barbican, National Theatre and British Museum. He directs storytelling & music performances for Norway’s national folk arts stage, and teaches storytelling at the Royal College of Music in Sweden.


Målgrupp: Vuxna
Språk: Engelska
Arr: Created and performed by Dominic Kelly. Directed by Michael Harvey.


With great style, using the vernacular of today… he blended stories into a gripping, satisfying whole… creating a living, breathing landscape before our very eyes… a rare event.
/The Cornishman


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